The following are unsolicited praise for this program. Each person has given his or her consent for his or her comments to be published here. Except for Rebecca's story, we have changed the names though to protect their anonymity.


Rebecca Johnson (her real name) published an article on our program in Vogue. She had many positive things to say about the program and how it helped her personally. Here is a copy of the article (with her permission).


This thing is great... I went to a local "addiction" expert who wanted to know about my relationship with my parents etc. and concluded after 40 minutes my only hope was AA.... All I asked was some advice about moderation techniques which your site hit right on the button. Its already making a difference, just needed help on focus on the issue. The difference between writing the drink the morning after and before you pour them is.... Duh, but I never thought of it because it only crosses my mind when I have the dreaded hangover... thanks


I'll admit.... I was one of the experimental rats in this study.  I was part of group A, I used the moderateDrinking website as well as MM.  All I can say is....I couldn't be happier with where I am at right now with respect to my drinking. 

The whole process has worked so well for me I wanna shout it from the MM rooftop!   I walked into this whole thing skeptical, thinking I was an alcoholic, unable to get the daily drinking out of my life, this will never work....I was wrong.  The whole process has worked.  I won't say it doesn't take A LOT of effort and true willingness to change, because it does.  But, what I've walked away with (from the whole study), the websites, the list etc., is the knowledge I needed to change my drinking habit (and I will always call it a habit as opposed to addiction or anything else it's been known as), it CAN be done, the mental 'need' for alcohol CAN be replaced, the cravings (after soooo many urge surfs...and, still surfing, btw) CAN be diminished, the desire to over drink CAN be eliminated.  

I certainly don't wanna shout this all too loud (there's still a rebel in me always on the but I can't say it enough, life is different now.  I won't say my life is completely changed, I just feel like I have control again (and WOW what a feeling that is).  Wiping out all the booze doesn't wipe out EVERYTHING that was going wrong, BUT, it certainly makes the other stuff more manageable.  Thank you to MM, thank you to Behavior Therapy, thank you to THE LIST! 


littlebird here. I'm a newbie too. But i am not a newbie at struggling with this issue. I am doing the plan on the Moderate Drinking website as well. It cost something like $19 per mo., but what they hey--- the $ is donated to this group, MM.

There are a lot of good tips on getting started there, like tracking your urges. If you've been a habitual drinker, they suggest maybe starting with a 30 day abstinence if you want, which is what I am doing. It clears the mind and the liver too!! :) But just to start by downloading a daily drinks chart and filling it out every day will focus your awareness on what you are doing, kinda like weight watchers folks counting up their points. it makes us more honest, hopefully more accountable. Getting non-judgmental support is key too.

For me the need to get buzzed every night is in large part a need to mask or avoid uncomfortable feelings I am having, things i am not happy about in my life, yet things that I am not changing. If I am buzzed, im not up to changing too much right?


The Moderate Drinking program has helped me become stronger and more confident.